The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Feb 01, 2022   7902

FluTruxKlan Bush Party Is Winding Down, A Truckers Perspective With Adam Sanderson, The Convoy Organizer With All The Money Can’t Be Found & Caryma Goes Over Her Exciting Coverage

The #FluTruxKlan parade is winding down because they are running out of booze and homeless people to steal from in #Ottawa. Adam Sanderson, owner of a massive trucking company in #Alberta would like to have a word with organizers who stole his reputation.

Speaking of #FluTruxKlan organizers, one of them has Covid and the one with all the money, cannot be found. LOL

Caryma stops by to talk about her last two days covering the Bush Party and would like to know where all the cops were this weekend