The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 813
  Oct 31, 2022   7638

Former “Fixer” David Wallace

He has a new series on Canadaland where he rips [s open the scab of the people he worked for and who the dirty power brothers are in this country, and it's a fucking TRIP.

David covered:

Ontario Premier Doug Ford's alleged involvement in the Convoy that crippled Ontario, and where Doug might go to hide from his family and work.

Alberta Premier Danielle Smith is no angel, either. According to Wallace, she was one compromised mayor away from working with Russians to trap Calgary Mayor Nenshi in a Russian money sting.

And we saved Jordan Peterson for last. Remember when Jordan went to Russia for some weirdo benzo treatment? David says he knows differently and has receipts of Jordan's "TURNING" by Russian officials.

We Pivot To Elon's breaking Twitter news: that Blue Checkmark is going to cost you 20 bucks if you want to be racially targeted by his 112 million bots.

And we discuss "Guys who peel out," loud mufflers, and street racing because we're all old as fuck.