The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 727
  Jun 09, 2022   9720

Former “Fixer” Turned “Whistleblower” David Wallace On The Klondike Papers Ft The Man He Was Asked To Murder Nathan Jacobson

Self described fixer, turned whistleblower, David Wallace is back and he brought the guy he was asked to kill with him!

Nathan Jacobson and David Wallace have been fixtures in darker corners of the political world for about 30 years.

Last week, David claimed, with receipts, he was asked to murder Nathan Jacobson by a Calgary businessman, AND he and Nathan we asked to 'Take Out' Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by a member of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church.

WHOOOOAAAAHHHH, Nelly. David is back to give us more detail about the hit he was asked to arrange on Nathan, and Nathan joins us to talk about being asked to "Take Out" Trudeau.

Now listen, we're not investigative journalists and in no way are we endorsing anything in this podcast as absolute truth but the evidence of these crimes and the neo-con fascist movement ties into the people David and Nathan work with so let's look at this podcast like it's an educational safari into a dank world we rarely get to see. Remember, insiders and fixers get paid to manipulate people, facts, and events, set up mtgs, and generally work in the margins of ethics and decency on behalf of their relationships, so RELAX. We're just sniffing through the weeds trying to figure out who Pierre Poilievre's REAL DAD is and why Stephen Harper/Ezra Levant/Pierre Poilevre's Lawyer, Gerry Chipeur seems to be in the middle of everything.

Pro Tip: They're doing it for the Christ!

We're not 60 minutes but I still love a good espionage murder for hire story so LFG!!