Footy Prime The Podcast

Footy Prime The Podcast
Episode: 331
  Jan 19, 2023   42:43

FP Foundation show & News & Such mash up: Famous celebrities, Agents, Big Prem Weekend, Footy Picks & Wonger’s Mail Sack

James Sharman, Craig Forrest, Jimmy Brennan and Dan Wong, joined by VO/Producer Jeff Cole, coalesce around their virtual studio computers to deliver a fun-filled original Wednesday episode & News and Such mash up.  Jimmy and Craig share some of their celebrity sightings and drinkings, agent stories in England and MLS, Oso interview was sublime comments, big matches for Footy Picks with Liverpool v Chelsea, Arsenal v United and West Ham v Everton plus Wonger's Mail sack.  All this and more on today's pod drop.

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Presenters: James Sharman, Jimmy Brennan, Craig Forrest and Dan Wong

Men's Room Attendant: Jeff Cole

This podcast has content that may use words and share tales that offend, please feel free to use your best discretion. Parental discretion is advised.

Be advised this episode includes explicit language.