The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 633
  Feb 15, 2022   7922

Give Send Go Was Hacked AGAIN, #RamRanch Grant Mcdonald Is Back & We Have A Huge Annoucnment, Caryma Live From Ottawa For Day 19 Of FluTruxKlan

The #GiveSendGo platform was hacked. Again. We had nothing to do with either. Let's talk about the legality of posting an insurrection donor list!

the #Coutts Border crossing has been cleared thanks to a massive gun bust and 13 arrests. So why were RCMP officers hugging the extremists today?

#Caryma is live from #Ottawa for day 19 of the #FluTruxKlan

#RamRanch singer Grant McDonald joins us for the final segment of the show and we make a HUGE announcement