The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
  Nov 29, 2022   6482

Giving Tuesday, Elon vs Apple, Convoy Implosion, McDonalds Drive Thru Fights

We're back for #GIVINGTUESDAY!!!

We've partnered with Blue Door, our official Charity of choice, to raise money for men and women looking for clothing, food, a job, and purpose.

Ceo Michael Braithwaite stops by to talk about what $25 can do for someone trying to get back on their feet again!!

Elon Musk's Twitter tantrum is shaping up to be an epic fight with Apple, and Elon will LOSE. Apple has threatened to pull Twitter from the app store because Elon's Free speech is more hate speech, and Apple's Objectionable content rules are hard and fast. We break down what might happen if Tim Cook gets tired of Elon's nonstop whining and what it means for the future of Twitter and the ELON brand.

Tis the season FOR DRIVE THRU FIGHTS! McDonald's and Tim Horton's have seen a HUGE uptick in Drive-Thru violence this year. Reports of violence in the fast food sector were up 200% in 2022, and Christmas is when they spike for some reason! We have two mind-blowing examples of what NOT to do if you get angry in a fast-food restaurant after a long day of shopping this holiday season!

Elon Musk went anti-Semite/death con three on Apple CEO Tim Cook, and it's on! You see, Elon is pissed at Apple for giving him until Friday to adhere to Apple's universal Objectional content policy (every app in the app store has to agree to it). Elon wants to be the guy who makes the Rules, but Apple never fucks around. Google might pull Twitter from their Play store, too, but I think that;'s because Elon fucked the google founder's wife. It's the adage: "be careful who you fuck on the way up; they might fuck you on the way down."

And "The Butt Doctor says human beings we not meant to use toilet paper and wants you to stop wiping your ass with it. We discuss.