The Mark and HooGie Show

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 15
  Sep 24, 2020   00:39:43

Glenn Fricker

If you're a bass player, you most likely hate our guest this week on The Mark and HooGie Show. If you're Chris Taylor Brown of that shitty band Trapt... then we KNOW you hate this week's guest!

Glenn Fricker of Spectre Sound Studios tells it like it is. No BS. Straight shooter. Even if it means telling you that you SUCK! Glenn is not only a world renowned producer, but a YouTube sensation! His YouTube videos have millions of views, and he's earned the love and respect from some of the biggest names in Metal.

This week on The Mark and HooGie Show, we talk to Glenn Fricker and find out how he became a huge YouTube star.... and why he hates bass players (and the singer from Trapt) so much.

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