Professional Insight

Professional Insight
Episode: 7
  Jul 21, 2022   6044

How To Increase The Value Of Your Home, Reno Tips, Market Update & Advice

On today's episode the boys chat:

0- 11:46 How to increase the value of your home 

11:46- 17:33 Do you put hardwood in a kitchen, lions in front of house & pineapple door knockers 

17:33-23:42 Is carpet having a resurgence? 

23:50-26:40 Interior design home trends in 2022 

26:40- 28:24 Renos to do when you have kids 

28:24- 40:00 mortgages, back ordering, gas surcharges, margins 

40:00- 54:07 new builds, housing prices, pandemic pricing, building permits, growth

54:07- 1:04:15 dealing with municipalities for permits, by law grading plans 

1:04:15-1:14:54 - not being able to qualify for new builds/homes, bankruptcy, interest rate increase 

1:14:54- 1:23:51 is the housing market really down, big business crying poor 

1:23:51- 1:39:00- Advice of the week 

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