welcome to MARZ

welcome to MARZ
Episode: 24
  Mar 21, 2022   1953

I LOVE MYSELF! But, It Took A Long Time..


Guess who's back, I am. I took some time off social media for a few days, and I needed to just take a little hiatus. But AGAIN, I am back like I always am. Let me speed you up to what my life has been like over the last 2 weeks. Today we discuss to never down the sugar route if you've had it with men, SELF LOVE, finding it, and moving on from toxic traits and helping your self heal from said traits. Yeah I guess I could say... I love myself, finally, after years of struggling hating myself.

Spoiler ALERT** I ate a CBD gummy before this so my mind scatters* here and there but its fun this is fine right



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