The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 728
  Jun 10, 2022   5859

Insurrections, MSM incompetence, KlondikePapers With Mark Bourie, Tampa Bay Rays Players Hate Gay Pride & New York Rangers Sucker Punch


Did anyone else watch the #January6thInsurrectionHearings?

Lawyer/Best selling Author Mark Bourrie joins us to talk about how FUCKED the Jan 6th insurrection hearing was and how we need to prevent this from happening in Canada (and it's happening).

- Doug Ford's re-election and the dereliction of duty among MSM outlets

- The #Klondikepapers and these INSANE interviews with David Wallace and Nathan Jacobson

- Are we seeing what the emergency act was used for during the convoy?

Lochlin is back from The "Smoke-A-Hole" Golf tournament and he has toenail news.

New York Rangers Fan sucker punched a Tampa Bay fan into the next dimension after last night's 3-1 Lightning win and the video is wild.

Baseball players are VERY dumb. Well, Tampa Bay Ray's players at least. 5 of them refused to wear the LGBTQ patch and someone needs to tell them it doesn't make them gay.