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  Dec 28, 2021  

Interview Project: The Reverend Michael Coren

(Recording date: December 23, 2021)

The Eager Beaver Pod asks its guests if they're willing to provide an extended interview, so that we may better get to know them/what makes them tick.

When they agree, we package it together and present to you as part of this series.

This week's guest is a well-known journalist and opinion leader who, for decades, via a combination of books, television vehicles, and regular columns in both mainstream and specialty publications -- not to mention decisions he made for himself while walking his own winding Spiritual path -- has been the source (sometimes despite himself) of both great controversy and deep introspection as to the role the Church plays in society.

In the spirit of the Season, in this Interview, the Reverend Michael Coren discusses his latest book, The Rebel Christ; the journey of change and the price one pays (or the cost extracted) when change following a life epiphany occurs; the healing power of forgiveness, and of course; as he's perfectly willing to take a stand, there's a little politics sprinkled in.

Mr. Grizzly and I hope this one makes your Holiday a touch brighter.

A merriest of Christmases to you and all of yours, if you are celebrating (or sharing in the joy of others), and if you are not, wishing many blessing for you and those you hold dear.

Be kind to, and gentle with, yourself,

Your Eager Beaver

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