Minimal Filters

Minimal Filters
Episode: 51
  Nov 29, 2022   5357

Interview with retired NYPD detective, NAILS of things that feel illegal but aren’t and ASMR

Today's episode has our MFers of the week, our FAX no printer then we send it over to Jason and Nathan from the weeknd where they had the pleasure of interviewing retired NYPD detective Vic Ferrari. Then, sticking on the topic of crimes and investigation, we go over our NAILS of the things that feel illegal but aren't. Following that will be our hair picks for the upcoming Det for VGK game on saturday. Then we baptize ourselves in the holy water of Jesus in our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps: (03:00) - MFers of the week - (11:23) - FAX no printer - (26:29) - Vic Ferrari Interview - (57:40) - NAILS of Things that feel illegal but aren't - (1:16:27) - Hairpicks - (1:19:49) - Shower thoughts of the day