The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 775
  Aug 26, 2022   7286

Its Clownvoy Church Eviction Day, Wendys Vs Bell, Zoom Sex During A Meeting & Replying All

Welcome to #Friday! Psychologically it's the best day of the week and a great day to evict some insane #Clowvoy weirdo's from the beautiful church they are squatting in in #Ottawa. Caryma is a landlord tennent lawyer AS WELL as a journalist who covers this shit so we got to the bottom of how convoy dregs have been able to hunker down in a historic church for free for months.

The reviews for Tim Horton's pizza are in and Dean doesn';t believe any of them. We go over the hate and Dean's resolve to champion fast food pizza.

Wendy's took a strip off of Bell by changing Wendy's hair from red to gray in support of Bell firing Lisa Laflamme. Bell shot back with a fugazi story about how dangerous it is for brands to take a stand on social issues, which is fucking hilarious. We discuss.

A couple left their zoom camera on while having sex. There were only 45 people in the meeting no big deal.