The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 712
  May 19, 2022   7051

Jason Kenney Out As Premier Of Alberta, Battle Of Alberta Is BACK, Justin Trudeau Controlling Free Speech, Pierre Poilievre Catering To The ‘Anglo-Saxons’ & New Info On Doug Ford Nurse Beat Down

We're back with a WHOLE bunch of #LEARNING today!David Moscrop (WAPO/Globe & Mail) to help break down a weird 48 hours in Canada.

- Jason Kenny is out as the Premier of Alberta. Is Alberta WAY more Liberal than we think? Is Kenny just too stupid for the job? Are we seeing the end of conservativism in Canada?? Does Jason Kenny get a job at No Frills now? Will he get access to his Grinder account back?

- The #BattleOfAlberta is so fucking back it hurts! The Flames won, Tkachuk made Evander Kane his BIATCH, and the video is incredible.

- #TopGun Sequel? You in? Moscrop can't wait, and Dean has a problem with that

- Justin Trudeau is ABSOLUTELY trying to regulate the internet and free speech. The Canadian governing body, the CRTC, says they will, so we should probably be concerned

- Jordan Peterson and Pierre Poilievre did a podcast about catering to and protecting 'Anglo-Saxons' because they can't stop saying the quiet part out loud.