The Mark and HooGie Show

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 4
  Jul 09, 2020   00:48:13

Jeff Burrows

This week on The Mark and HooGie Show, we got to chat with one of the nicest guys in rock music. Jeff Burrows, drummer for The Tea Party, possibly devotes more of his time to charitable causes than he does to his own band! The Tea Party hails from Windsor, Ontario, Canada.... but you would never know by listening to their music. The bands influences range from Blues, Classic Rock, Progressive, and even Middle Eastern music. Million of records sold worldwide, including 4 double–platinum awards, 1 platinum and 4 gold albums later, The Tea Party has had it's ups and downs... they even broke up for 6 years... but they are still making new music, and topping the Canadian Rock Charts.

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