The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 715
  May 24, 2022   8818

Jenn Valintyne & John Derringer, Ukraine War Update With Alex Dayrabekov & Don’t Stick Your Hand In A Lions Cage

Former radio host Jenn Valintyne launched a human rights complaint against q107 morning host John Derringer over the weekend. It looks like John and his heritage show have been fired and it's sending shockwaves through a dead industry. The problem of abusing human beings in media is systemic and happens because CEOs and managers care more about their paychecks than the human beings they employ.

Alex joins us from a peaceful part of #Ukraine, but things are not peaceful in #Ukriane.

- The ongoing war in the Russian occupied east is getting WORSE.

- Videos of Javelins and Stugna RPG raining down on Russians and the death of another General.

- Russian reporters are giving away Russian positions and Ukrain is using their reports to bomb location into next week.

- How you can help support our brothers and sister in Ukraine.

- Don't stick your hands in a lion cage, t

- The Battle of Alberta continues tonight

- Amber Turd rests her case.