The Mark and HooGie Show

The Mark and HooGie Show
Episode: 21
  Nov 05, 2020   01:05:51

Jon ‘Marv’ Harvey

Monster Truck hail the blue collar city of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.... oh, and they also happen to be one of Slash's favorite bands! 

This weeks guest is none other than Jon "Marv" Harvey, singer and bass player for the kick ass band Monster Truck. In 2013, the band won the Juno Award (that's pretty much a Canadian Grammy) for 'Breakthrough Group of the Year', and they've had SIX 'Top 10' Singles on the Canadian Rock Charts. 

Jon is open and honest about his sobriety... the bands new music... what it's like touring the world... and the future of the band. Oh, and don't forget: "Don't F*ck With The Truck!".... eh!