The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 709
  May 16, 2022   6726

Jordan Peterson Vs Dean Blundell, Dean Trended In Canada For Calling Out Small Penis Warriors, The Leafs Lose AGAIN, Jedi Jimmy Workout Videos & Buffalo Shooting

Jordan Peterson VS Dean Blundell traded for two days. Dean tells us why and why the Buffalo shooting means something to The Jordan Peterson fans of the world.

Jordan is mad that Dean knows most Peterson guys are sexually dysfunctional and think the world owes the white man.

When going full #Karen is Dangerous

Jedi Jimmy's Work Out Video is here and we have a preview.

Every time there's a shooting, Pat King Trends, we tell you why!

The Leafs lose again, The Oilers move on and Nothing makes sense anymore.