The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 861
  Jan 09, 2023   5969

Jumping Into The Future With Marc Saltzman, Dry January, Lochlin Hates Vegans

Tech Guru Marc Saltzman is back and he's fresh off his first visit to the FUTURE in 3 years!

- BMW car that changes colour,

- The world's first "wireless TV".

- A digital tattoo printer for DIY Tattoo artists! ,

- Citizen smartwatch that leverages data from IBM and NASA

- JBL earbuds with a case that has a color touchscreen...

- The world's first foldable OLED laptop (Lenovo)...

- Def Leppard's JBL Concert

- Elon's "Boring" tunnel under Las Vegas..

- Pee analyzers and Pillows that breathe!!!

We also update on INCEL shit-eating SZN!

Jordan Peterson's INSANE Tweet/Delete storm this weekend and the PR he's whipping up to sell tickets. Also, Manchurian Douchebag Andrew Tate is now in a Romanian Hostial with AIDS or COVID AND he's going to stay in jail for a long time according to Romanian Police