The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 861
  Jan 09, 2023   5668

Jumping Into The Future With Marc Saltzman & Jordan Peterson Is Insane

Tech Guru Marc Saltzman is back and he's fresh off his first visit to the FUTURE in 3 years!

- BMW car that changes colour,

- The world's first "wireless TV".

- A digital tattoo printer for DIY Tattoo artists! ,

- Citizen smartwatch that leverages data from IBM and NASA

- JBL earbuds with a case that has a color touchscreen...

- The world's first foldable OLED laptop (Lenovo)...

- Def Leppard's JBL Concert

- Elon's "Boring" tunnel under Las Vegas..

- Pee analyzers and Pillows that breathe!!!

We also update on INCEL shit-eating SZN!

Jordan Peterson's INSANE Tweet/Delete storm this weekend and the PR he's whipping up to sell tickets. Also, Manchurian Douchebag Andrew Tate is now in a Romanian Hostial with AIDS or COVID AND he's going to stay in jail for a long time according to Romanian Police