YWC Football Talk

YWC Football Talk
  Jun 19, 2022  

Just a Nibble, Eh? — Workplace Harassment and Bullying, What's Next? (ft. Laura Mainella)

(Recording date: June 19, 2022)

Hey Kits!

Do you like the True North Eager Beaver podcast but sometimes don't have time for a whole bite?

How 'bout just a Nibble?

Our two-part interview with broadcasting personality Laura Mainella really​​ resonated with our Kits. In fact, it struck such a chord that both parts quickly became our most heard Eager Beaver episodes, all formats combined, of all time.

We invited Laura back to talk about what has transpired since her appearance on our show; to share with her our listener feedback, and to make a plea for Kits to come to us with more such stories if you have them as safe / healthy work spaces is a subject we'd like to explore much more in future episodes.

Please, we'd love it if you would lend us your ears.


Of course, retweets, shares, gentle corrections, constructive criticism, compliments, tips, requests and positive reviews (if you think we deserve some stars, please rate us) are always welcome.

You can do that via our show’s Facebook blog page on via Twitter @TrueEager.

Until then, be kind to, and gentle with, yourselves,

Your Eager Beaver


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Artwork credit: Peter Jarvis

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