The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 724
  Jun 06, 2022   7290

Legendary Comedian Cheech Marin/Tres Papalote/Chicano Art, Jacob Hoggard Is Going To Jail & Elon Musk Is Backing Out Of Twitter

Legendary comedian, actor, producer, cannabis activist, artist, and art collector, Cheech Marin joins the show today to talk about his new Mezcal, "Tres Papalote," Weed then VS. Now, His passion for art and the INCREDIBLE work Sheech does with Chicano art/art history.

*If it weren't for Canada, Cheech and Chong might not exist!

Jacob Hoggard of headly is now a convicted rapist/carpenter. Criminal Lawyer, Rob Kiviclian stops in to break down Jacob's next 4-13 years in jail and a new assault charge Jacob has to face on Aug 4th. Don't sexually assault people. Ever.

Elon Musk backed out of his deal to by Twitter. Surprise, surprise. Elon says he didn't know Twitter had spam or bots, which is fucking hilarious. He sent Twitter a letter saying he's pulling out and now Twitter stakeholders are ready to "put it in" Elon Musk. All because he failed a background check. Fucking wild.

There's been a speight of cashier abuse in the retail space because we forgot how to act in public after being locked up for two years. Karen's video at Starbucks is a learning experience.