Blue Hotel

Blue Hotel
Episode: 4
  Oct 14, 2022   01:24:37

Let’s Talk About Ex, Baby, with Karen Zeifman

Episode 004 is built around a new book on relationships and dating, and an array of cautionary fails of a a self-proclaimed expert on bad relationships. The Author of the new Harlow Books publication “Let's Talk about Ex, Baby”, Karen Zeifman is our special guest this time. Never mind Netflix and chill, Karen takes it up a notch to Imax and climax. Oh, the stories in her book, and a couple here that didn't make it past the editors. It's a warm and comfy disarmed chat about exes, and self discovery, the thrills of victory and agonies of defeat in the wild world of dating. Did we mention there's back to back dildos stories? Um, well, there's that. PLUS a steamy summertime romp starring two guys and one girl, in the climactic adult bedtime story, Bi-Bi-Baby.

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