Minimal Filters

Minimal Filters
Episode: 36
  Aug 10, 2022   3924

Lil Jon, Motorboating and Onlyfans. Featuring: Lexi Winters

On today’s episode of the fastest rising podcast in North America, we have international influencer Lexi Winters once again. We got to talk about influencer parties, Lil Jon, Motor boating and even butt stuff. 
After our long & phenomenal interview, Kale and I will do the NAILS of People We Would Least Like to Have a Beer With. 
And as always we sanitize our entire show off with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps: 

SexEd talk - 1:55

Lexi Winters interview - 5:08

NAILS - 42:51

Shower thought of the day - 57:40