The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 646
  Mar 08, 2022   6812

Live in Ukraine W Alex Dayrabekov Ukrainian Freedom Fighter, #ChipGate In Canada, Lochlin’s Crippling Anxiety & International Women’s Day

Alex Dayrabekov is an HR executive from #Kyiv who's braving a #Russian invasion with his family - he's not leaving. He's co-ordinating the bomb shelter effort In #Kyiv, when he's not delivering food to Ukrainian warriors on the front lines.

Alex and his family walked away from their homes (he had 2)) and now, he's a resistance fighter. Alex has agreed to journal-blog with us so you can see, feel, hear and touch the truth of the human suffering Putin is forcing on the people of #Ukraine.

#Update on the #Canadian freedom fighter contingent In #Ukraine. There is A LOT of ex-military over there. A LOT.

Loc's wife used Jedi mind tricks on him and thinks he MIGHT have Anxiety. MIGHT.

Rookie breaks down hish heater of an article on #Chipgate

International Women's Day W Ashley Lindley