The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 828
  Nov 22, 2022   5627

LTC Charter Fight, Christmas Crazies, Mammograms & Tampax Tweets

Dr. Viv is back and she's charged up!!!

A TIRELESS advocate for people subjected to shitty long-term care facilities, Viv was JACKED yesterday when the Ontario Helth Coalition filed a Charter Challenge against the Ontario Government's plan to enrich their Long Term Care home partners by forcing sick people out of hospitals into Long Term Care facilities run by for-profit assholes who want to get PAID. Viv will tell you why this is a SUPER important moment in Ontario's history.

We'll also talk about mammograms, how important they are for the ladies, and when you should put your Xmas tree up because Vivian is PSYCHOTIC about Xmas. Psychotic.

We check in on Elon musk who fired whoever was left in Sales at Twitter and the Rage factory he's creating being on he US government's radar! That, and its the season to lose your shit in the drive thru