Spear Talk Podcast

Spear Talk Podcast
Episode: 99
  Mar 17, 2022   3547

Marcus Torgerson

For episode 99, we once again welcomed back Marcus Torgerson for the third time. Marcus is an international Krav maga expert with over 20+ years in the security world. He is currently touring the country teaching self-defense and tactical courses.

Marcus and I decided to change up the normal show and decided to tackle any topic that was on our mind. There were NO notes and no agenda for the show. Some of our topics were what it takes to be a good human, why saying "I love you" is powerful, and why "wearing your heart on your sleeve" is never a bad thing! We are both champions of ending human trafficking so we of course shared our thoughts on that issue that is plaguing the world.

#marcustorgeron #love #humantrafficking

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