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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 756
  Jul 25, 2022   8742

Mass Shooting Of Homeless People In Langley BC/Joe Rogan, Sheepking JB Is A Best Selling Author, The Pope’s Apology Tour & Elon Musk Banged Google CEOs Wife

The start of the week is ALWAYS a rush.

This morning, a mass shooting of homeless people in Langley, BC, shook the lower mainland. "Several" transients people were shot in what Langley police call a targeted attack. The targeted shooting comes on the heels of a Joe Rogan podcast with comedian Tom Segura where Trudeau trashed Canada and opined about whether shooting homeless people as opposed to helping them was the answer to solving homelessness for the Richie Rich's. I'm not saying Joe is responsible or that the shooter (who's now in custody) took Joe at his word. The timing and coincidence are incredible, though.

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@SheepkingJB is back, and he's now an Amazon best-selling author. Last week the freedom losers went ham over Indigo refusing to sell their pro-convoy conspiracy-laden Jesus book. JB decided to see how hard it would be to have a best seller on Amazon. It takes 3 hours, a decent online following, and no book. JB explains.

Popey McPoperstein's cross Canada, "Sorry For the Indigenous genocide tour," is in full swing in Alberta. Lochlin files a full report from the City of Champions.

Elon Musk fucked Google Founder Sergei Bryn's wife, causing problems in Silicon Valley. Elon says he didn't, but Bryn's court filings say Musk uncorked Sergei's wife while separated but living together.