The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 629
  Feb 10, 2022   7942

Max Fawcett & Mubin Shaikh Discuss The Convoy ,How To Send Hillbilly’s Home & Kid Carson’s Meltdown & Kids Holding Hands Photo As A Blockade Goes Viral

The #FlutruxKlan is now the #CoupTruxKlan. #Ottawa's airport and the #AmbassadorBridge are at a stand still, people are losing their jobs and the Incels don't give a shit. #MaxFawcett from the National Observer and counter terror expert and securty professor #MrMubinShaikh join us to talk about who's behind this and what needs to happen to send these hillbillies home.

Debate: #VanillaISIS or #HillbillyJihadi - which one is better?

#KidCarson - radio guy - went full conspiracy theory on the radio yesterday and was summarily fired. Loc and Dean break it all down.

#James and Ryan join us to discuss James' interview with Maxim Bernier

#Loch has a horrible promo photo