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The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 833
  Dec 01, 2022   5297

Mitch Marner Makes History, Kanye West Goes On Infowars & Theo Fleury Thinks The NHL Needs To Stay White

We're Back!

#TheoFleury went on #Tucker Carlson last night to talk about how the NHL needs to keep people of color out of the NHL. For real. Tucker said the NHL's effort to be more inclusive is an insult to the white race, and Theo agrees because he's a useless piece of shit.

We talk about what kind of man wants to make hockey LESS diverse. A racist, that's who.

Kanye West's assault on Jews kicked into high gear when he appeared on #Alex #Jones's shit box and said Hitler was a great guy. We discuss.

The #Butt #Doctor is warning everyone to stop using toilet paper. And he might be right. What do we use instead? GREAT question.

#Mitch #Marner tied a Leaf record with 18 consecutive games with a point. So why does Lochlin hate him so much? The dude's only the best winger in the NHL. Dean knows why and fights lochlin for Mitchy's good name.