Blue Hotel

Blue Hotel
Episode: 11
  Dec 15, 2022   01:47:58

MORE Sex Ed with Sabrina Baldini

Jeff Woods welcomes back our episode 2 guest, with the return of the enthusiastically sex positive sex educator, therapist, Sabrina Baldini, who has expanded her role in the sex space, beyond specialized school teacher, to therapist, so the conversation centers on couples, and individuals just getting to know what they're getting into. Not shockingly, the conversation will come to the all important c-words – communication, and consent, plus what our kids are dying to know about sex, and Jeff and Sabrina will dive into female sexual vocalization and how that affects HIM, and much more sex talk that will be fun, and funny, and informative, and then episode 11 will climax with an encore presentation of Jeff''s most popular adult bedtime story narration so far.

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