The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 705
  May 09, 2022   8948

Murdering Russians On Snake Island, Trudeau/Bono In Irpin, Ukraine Kill Count With Alex Dayrabekov, Leafs & Oilers Meltdown & Lochlins Wife Grilled Dean

Our friend Alex Dayrabekov is back! He's still in Cherkasy, #Ukraine, documenting the worst of the worst of the International Criminal courts but takes a break to talk:

- #Putler's shitty Vday

- Murdering #Russians on snake island is a game (insane video)

- Intel on Russia's war machine is not good. They have three tanks and some pressure cookers left in their arsenal.

- Ukraine's kill count

- Trudeau and Bono in Irpin is a good thing, so stop getting angry

The #Leafs and #Oilers were both SOUNDLY spanked last night, and their respective fan bases lost their fucking minds on Twitter last. We'll review some of the most suicidal fan tweets and want to remind both fan bases that your team(s) have home ice in a three-game series, so RELAX FOCKERS.

Lochlins wife grilled Dean

Your phones are collecting your data and Lochlin is afraid for his PornHub history