Minimal Filters

Minimal Filters
Episode: 50
  Nov 23, 2022   4061

NAILS of Green Flags, ASK.MF and Fan submitted Love Language

Today marks the half century point of the world’s greatest university podcast. We give you our MFers of the week, the NAILS of Green Flags in relationships to help you know who is and who isn’t the one and then we bring back the true people’s segment with ASKMF where we answer the best submitted questions from you, the fans. We will then give you a modified Love Language where we give our take on someone’s very specific love issues, and then we wrap our show up with our jet black hair picks and disinfect this loaded show with our shower thoughts of the day.

Time Stamps: (03:01) - MFers of the week - (15:12) - NAILS of Green Flags - (38:37) - ASK.MF - (54:22) - Love Language (reddit) - (57:50) - HairPicks - (60:00) - Shower thought of the day