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Episode: 17
  Dec 29, 2021   4814

Nathan & Kale’s Rating Scales: 2021 Movies & TV Shows

In our last episode of 2021, we put our brains to work and become professional movie and TV show critics… From shows that are a “must watch” during the holiday break, to movies that well, shouldn't have even been released… we cover it all. Using our own custom rating scales, tune in and listen to what we have to say for over 30 series or movies. 

We are the next rotten tomatoes.

Enjoy brothers and sisters.

Time Stamps:

Red Notice (6:39),  Dawn Wall (10:56),  Spider-Man: No Way Home (13:00),  Tomorrow War (15:05),  Free Guy (18:03),  Step Brothers (19:54),  Don't Look Up (21:44),  Unforgivable (23:47),  Midsommar (26:20),  Avengers: Endgame (29:49)

TV Shows
Ted Lasso (32:29),  Flight Attendant (35:41),  The Boys (38:54),  True Story (42:00),  Succession (44:57),  Outer Banks (48:08),  Yellowstone (53:13),  Mindhunter (58:00),  YOU (1:00:28),  Peaky Blinders (1:05:18),  Squid Game (1:10:32)

Shower Thought Of The Day - 1:13:15