Footy Prime The Podcast

Footy Prime The Podcast
Episode: 328
  Jan 13, 2023   01:01:19

News And Such: Back by popular demand, Amy Walsh!!

Primers asked for her, and they shall recieve!

Amy Walsh joins the gang and helps the men see what syncing up as a team all about, while Craig shows he's a fun guy as he recaps a trip to shroomsville. Dan Brings his A-game after a night out with the Brennan Boys and James picks a winner in Manchester as he prepares himself for a beating from Brighton.

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Presenters: James Sharman, Jimmy Brennan, Craig Forrest and Dan Wong

Cat Wrangler: Jeff Cole

This podcast has content that may use words and share tales that offend, please feel free to use your best discretion. Parental discretion is advised.


Be advised this episode includes explicit language.