Footy Prime The Podcast

Footy Prime The Podcast
Episode: 290
  Oct 28, 2022   47:53

News and Such: Blood, Sack and Picks

On News and Such, Craig, Jimmy, JC and James breakdown exactly how "showboating" is ruining the world we live in... or is it? Surely Antony has a right to show off?  Or does he?  Which of our panel would have gone right through him as pay back?  Data and stats are soon to emblazon our match watching experience, but is this a good idea only enjoyable for the footy nerds?  We basically hand out stacks of dollar bills for you as our 100% record on Footy Picks continues (ahem) and Craig finally gets to complete his Frank Yallop story.

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Presenters: James Sharman, Jimmy Brennan, Craig Forrest, Brendan Dunlop and Dan Wong

Voice Over Talent: Jeff Cole 

*This podcast has content that may use words and share tales that offend, please feel free to use your best discretion. Parental discretion is advised. Be advised this episode includes explicit language.*