The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 792
  Sep 22, 2022   5764

Oakville Trans Teacher’s Big Fake Boobs Are Upsetting A Few People

Today we're going off the board to talk about a trans teacher whose big fake boobs are upsetting a few people.

The story sucks, and Dean doesn't want to talk about it because there's no upside to talking about trans issues without a trans person. However, these are some boobs, and I think we need to discuss whether teachers should wear sheer tops that quadruple D's.

Is it a trans issue or a boob issue?

Also, I think we found the definition of a Motherf*****.

Russian conscripts are heading for the hills before getting tapped to die in the Ukrainian meat grinder. Videos of Russian men leaving in DROVES are incredible. Almost as unbelievable as the videos of Pro Putin Russian getting arrested for joining Putin's Army.