The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 774
  Aug 24, 2022   6845

Pierre’s Poilievre’s Wife Spreading Disinformation & Jamie Sale & Theo Fleury Are Going On Tour

Welcome! Again!

Rookie joins us briefly to discuss how he is doing with one month until he's becoming a father. Spoiler alert he looks like shit.

the #Mayor of #Peterborough, Diane Therrien got her #FOFW shirt and she looks like a million bucks. We go over the tally of shirts sold because we want to send PARN.CA a boatload of money!

We're leafing through the anti-Tim Horton's hate after Dean begged the world to give their new Pizza a chance. Turns out, they have a hard time with Bagels and coffee still so maybe he jumped the gun? Can Tim Horton's be trusted with pizza?

Pierre's Poilievre's wife got in on spreading pure disinformation yesterday. Her braindead hubby was dragged for a few days after shaking hands with Jeremy Mackenzie (which is harmless) so Ana Poilievere chose to link Trudeau to pedos and terrorists to JT with a blog post from the biggest douchebag in Canada like the Stepford wife she is.

Speaking of the lovely Poilievres, one of their supporters threatened reporter Rachel Gilmore's family, according to Rachel.

Noted crackpots, Jamie Sale, and Theo fleury are doing a "Night with Jamie and Theo" we break down their guest list and how badly Dean wants to go to "an evening with two of the dumbest people in Canada."

Lochlin wants to talk about golfing with jimmy and there's a video. Jesus.