The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 57
  Oct 03, 2020  

PP1 Podcast Dominating The Charts… In Taiwan? And Other Canucks Related Topics

When Dean Blundell asked the PP1 Podcast to join the network we thought "WOW! Yeah, that makes so much sense. We can expand our voice all across Canada." But then the charts showed something else... we're #7 in Taiwan! Ironic that something that isn't made there is doing this well :) 

  So naturally, when the Ted, Brady and myself got together this past week it was a major talking point. Well, that and the Canucks urgent decisions to sign their UFA/RFA players to team-friendly deals so they can stay under the salary cap and compete for the Stanley Cup next season. Of those issues, Jacob Markstrom and Tyler Toffoli are dominating the talks but there is also the priority of what to do with Chris Tanev, Troy Stecher, and Jake Virtanen? We also discussed what it would take to lure away frustrated stars Aaron Eklbad and Jack Eichel. Speaking of Aaron's, former Canucks player (2011 Stanley Cup run participant) Aaron Volpatti will be joining the guys next week. Until then, take a listen to our latest episode and let us know what you think the Canucks will do.