The PP1 Podcast

The PP1 Podcast
Episode: 6
  Oct 22, 2019   2518

PP1 Presents: An Interview with Orland Kurtenbach

The first-ever Captain of the Vancouver Canucks, Orland Kurtenbach, allowed the guys from PP1 to share some time with him and he shared a fraction of memories with us but there was so much more to tell. Ranging from his start with the Canucks, owning a driving range and enjoying some fish and chips to a few memorable moments with the late Pat Quinn and the time he was gifted a Husky at a Canucks game on Yukon Night. 

Kurt, as he likes to be called, was as open as a book and hopefully, this isn't the last time we chat with him. It sounds like there a few stories he wouldn't mind sharing in the future.

Essentially an uncut interview, we hope you enjoy it as much we did. What a man, what a Canuck!

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