The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 676
  Apr 07, 2022   8342

Profiling Putin With Mubin Shaikh, Randy Hillier Saved The Pandemic With James DiFiore & A Breaking Stroy About The CCP Involvement In The Freedom Convoy

Undercover Jihadi, Terror expert, educator Mubin Shaikh joins us to pimp his new podcast Spies Like Us Pod. He just joined the digital age with a YouTube channel and he's celebrating Ramadan so he might be hangry. Mubin profiled Putin on his last podcast with former KGB spy Jack Barsky, and we have a million questions.

James DiFiore is back. He interviewed Randy Hillier's lawyer this week and we'll break it down here. David Anber told James Randy saved lives while trying to kill people with disinformation so we'll have some fun fucking him over today.

James is sitting on a huge #FreedomConvoy story too. Turns out a few VERY important #conservative politicians are in DEEEEEEEP shit. Like huge shit.

We revisit Lochlin's airplane jerk fetish and huge merc store news...