The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 687
  Apr 26, 2022   7892

Putin Parkinson’s Video/NATO Countries Stepping Up/ Nuclear War With Alex Dayrabekov, Woke Mob Is Leaving Twitter & BlogTO Vs Dave Portnoy

Alex is back! Alex came into some footage of a very #shakey #Vladimir #Putin. We get into the details of the "Putin Parkinson's Video" Putin does not want you to see.

Russian soldiers wreaked havoc in Alex's hometown of Irpin. His building was hammered with mortars and missiles but the Russians couldn't figure out how to drive his BMW. LOL.

NATO countries are stepping up BIG TIME with news Germany, Canada, The US, and other European NATO members are singing Ukraine the heavy artillery they need to defend themselves and drive Russia out of Ukraine.

We asked Alex if he's scared of Russia's nuclear war saber-rattling. His answer was hilarious.

#DeleteTwitter trended for a LONG time yesterday after #Elon #Musk plunked down $46 billion to take the platform private. James joins us to talk about the woke mob leaving in droves and if Elon Musk is dumb enough to use Twitter as an echo chamber to empower his alt-white friends and community. I mean, Elon can't be that DUMB, right?

BlogTO VS Barstool sports founder and common sense.

Fun with Samurai swords and #Rolling #Thunder #OttawaConvoy is set for a HUGE alt-white weekend!