The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 767
  Aug 15, 2022   9411

Qanon Queen Of Canada, Romana Dildulo’s Disaster Weekend In Peterborough With Caryma Sa’d

Caryma is back to debrief us all on her coverage of Qanon Queen Of Canada, Romana Dildulo's disaster artist weekend.

Videos of:

- Qanon's attempt to perform mass arrests of the entire Peterborough Police force

- counter-protestor "Hail Satan' kid getting attacked

- The mass arrest of Romana's minions

- Ramona making people a shitty sardine lunch

- Ramona leaving the second Peterborough Police had enough

- Hottie blonde ass kicking police officer

Lochlin is sick but that didn't stop him from getting wasted at the movies this weekend. Dean isn't happy movie theatres started serving booze after he quit drinking

And Tom Segura, Joe Rogan's buddy performed in Edmonton this weekend. Loch went and had an epiphany and was guilty by association.