The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 626
  Feb 07, 2022   7023

Radicalization Through Social Media, The Trucker Convoy Is Over, Best Of Ram Ranch, Head Of Anti-Hate Network Caught Faking Anti-Semitic Hate

#JesseMillar - Social Media Educator at UVIC, specializing in online responsibility and radicalization through social media. He has some backstory and thoughts on how this happens digitally and where we go from the ALT-RIGHT #OTTAWASEIGE

Caryma is in #OTTAWA for the teardown of the fake #TruckerConvoy with details of the MAJOR shift in policing and State of Emergecy.

The head of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network was caught adding fake anti-Semitic hate to an already hate-filled weekend. We know him well and you should too.

The Best Of #RAMRANCH!