The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 627
  Feb 08, 2022   8267

Randy Hillier Is A Russian Asset, Olympic Rundown WIth OLY Mercedes Nicholl & Trucker Convoy Blocks Canada’s Biggest Border

Disgraced far right Canadian Politician #RandyHillierIsARussian Asset and we have LOADS of receipts. He probably has no idea he is either because he's so dumb and angry. Bad combo. The traitorous ass hat went on Russian State News to shit all over Canada and all Canadians yesterday.

#FluTruxKlan Convoy is blocking Canada's biggest border crossing - The #Windsor Detroit Tunnel - thanks to former Trump diaper boy Paul E Alexander. Canadian who sold his country out to work for Trump. He's one of the silent partners of this White Privilege Jamboree.

We're a week into the Beijing Olympics and 4x Olympic snowboarder Mercedes Nicholl joins us to recap Canada's killer first week.