The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 658
  Mar 29, 2022   8174

RIP Taylor Hawkins, Randy Hillier Was Arrested And It Was Amazing, The Slap Heard Around The World & Canada Men’s National Team Qualified For The World Cup

#TaylorHawkins died of an apparent drug overdose on the weekend while on tour with the #FooFighters in South America. @brentonontour manages rock tours and knew Taylor. We'll talk about Taylor's incredible life and untimely death.

Looks like our #ArrestRandyHiller hashtag worked. Old Randers turned himself into Ottawa Police and he's the proud owner of no fewer than 9 very serious criminal charges. The video of his arrest is ALL-WORLD. My friend/Lawyer @CarymaRules breaks down the more serious charges and why it took so long for the dumb fuck to be arrested.

#WILLSMITH slapped the shit out of Chris Rock at the Oscars last night 6 minutes before he won Best Actor for playing Richard Williams in "King Richard". Dean knows why Will snapped and it's probably Jada's fault.

Canada's Men's National Soccer Team is Qatar bound. They beat Jamaica 4-0 yesterday and booked their first World Cup trip in 36 years. The reaction was cool, more importantly, we got our flag back. @DPN_Ray (Ray Rauth) from @DearPatsNation pod joins us to discuss this historic "Fuck You" Canadian heritage moment.