The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 659
  Mar 29, 2022   8877

Russia Is Pulling Out Of Kyiv With Alex Dayrabekov, Canada Bought A Crap Load F-35s & Randy Hillier Is Out On Bail For 35K

We are live in #Ukraine with our war correspondent Alex Dayrabekov. Russia is pulling back and Alex wants to talk about the will of Ukraine's warriors/volunteers standing and fighting Russian aggression with anything they can grab. They're winning and Alex knows why...

#Canada, freaked out by Putin's aggression, bought 88 f-35 fighter jets - which are totally useless on Canadian soil. kris waxes about our new SWEET jets and how the Ukraine army has managed to kick the shit out of Russia in less than a month.

#WillSmith might lose his Oscar. We dig into why and if this whole thing is Jada's fault. Which it is.

We have a #RandyHillier update and Jordan Peterson clearly needs an intervention.