The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 710
  May 17, 2022   8996

Russians Are Retreating/Kharkiv Is Back In Ukranian Hands With Alex Dayrabekov, We Made Jordan Peterson Quit Twitter, Ivermectin Makes You Sh*t Your Pants & Mitch Marner Was Car Jacked

The lads welcome Alex Dayrabekov back from Cherkasy, Ukraine. HUGE NEWS out of Ukraine today!

- Russians are retreating,

- Kharkiv is back in Ukranian hands

- Azovstal heroes are coming home

- The future of Mariupol

- Ukraine wins Eurovision!

We made Jordan Peterson quit Twitter.

Ivermectin gives you gut rot. Good luck ALT Right!

Mitch Marner got car jacked at gun point less than 24 hours after losing game 7. Worst 24 hours for an athlete in recent memory?

Arby's manager urinated in their milkshakes. Lochlin still defends Arbys.