The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 737
  Jun 27, 2022   7120 With Rob Kivlichan, Rudy Guliani’s Attack Video, Nazem Kadri Is A Stanley Cup Champion & A Man Air Drops A Picture Of His Dick On An Airplane

Our partner/legal unicorn Rob Kivlichan on:

- his new initiative "". Resources for American women looking for Abortions in Canada

- The definitive answer about Gun Rights in Canada (spoiler alert, you don't have any)

Nazem Kadri is a Stanley Cup Champion and Alex Kerfoot is not. Leaf fans are insanely angry about Naz's cup win with Colorado so we check in on the pettiness and Nazem's KILLER post-game interview. Nate MacKinnon's post-game was even better.

Canada's Covid score card is in and depending on who you ask, Trudeau saved millions/imprisoned millions. it depends on who you ask.

An old man air dropped a picture of his dick to an airplane full of passengers. He said sorry, so is that good enough?