The Dean Blundell Show

The Dean Blundell Show
Episode: 840
  Dec 14, 2022   5305

Scott McGregor, Mary-Anne Ivison, Lochlin Cross and Ryan Lindley: SBF VS O’Leary, Shawarma’s, Who ya Got??


@scottrades from the #HotWalletPod is back to bring us the grisly details of Sam Bankman Fried's fisting of FTX investors and $10 Billion in a crypto pyramid scheme. Sam was denied bail in the Bahamas after fleeing the US. He'll have an extradition hearing on Feb 8th, and the little INCEL is VERY upset because he needs to stick to his Vegan diet.

Mary Anne is back to talk about her Shawarma/Grocery life hack featured on Reddit last weekend. Her Shawarma math is accurate.

Mary Anne dated a Jordan Peterson fan and would like to weigh in on Jordo's stadium INCEL tour/virgin recruitment.

Also, "TRAMP STAMPS" are back, and as a man who appreciated saucy well placed ink on the small of a woman's back, I couldn't be more excited.

We feature a story about a woman who moved to Edmonton from Toronto only to move back to Toronto 3 months later because she's too soft/couldn't find drinking buddies for five day-a-week benders.

And a double shot of "Who you got?"